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Revision THR

One of the most common diseases that has been troubling man ever since its existence is hip joint dislocation. This is not something that happens automatically. But it is certainly one of those diseases that cause a lot of disastrous effects to the one that faces it.

What Is Revision THR?

Hip joint dislocation is associated with a severe pain in the hips. It is a case of medical emergency and the person suffering from hip joint dislocation should be provided medical care at the earliest. For the prevention of avascular necrosis, medical attention is extremely important.

This condition occurs when there is a certain lack of blood as it is not able to reach the acetabulum bone present in the dislocated hip. This condition leads to an unbearable pain in the hips.

The hip dislocation is a condition that occurs under certain situations. Sometimes, it occurs due to the dislodging of the femur head from the acetabular socket of the hip. The femur head shifts from its position and moves out of the socket. It then lies in the posterior of the acetabular bone.

The hip pain invariably increases and becomes unbearable when there is an active or passive movement of the leg that has been injured. Sometimes, blood loss, blood clot, and nerve injuries are also known to be the common cases of the throbbing pain in the hips.

Signs And Symptoms Of Revision THR

There are certain symptoms that denote that you might have suffered from hip joint dislocation.

• A severe hip pain. The intractable and unbearable pain in the hip can be immediately felt just after the dislocation of the hip. The pain further increases with the activity of the affected area.
• You will not be able to move the led that has been injured.
• The femoral or the sciatic nerve injury is followed by a tingling and numbing in the area. This is a very common symptom which helps to identify a hip joint dislocation.
• Injuries to the nerves are often responsible for damage to the motor nerves. This means that there could be a case of paralysis in the affected area.
• The hip joint makes a clicking joint. This symptom is mostly seen in the juvenile case of hip joint dislocation.

These are some of the symptoms that tell you about the hip joint dislocation. It is important to seek medical attention if a situation like this arises at any time. Medical care is really important in these cases.

Treatment Of Revision THR

• Reduction Of The hip Dislocation:
  X-ray results are out. This method is the non-surgical way of treating the hip dislocation condition. As it is a serious condition, it is important to treat it properly as well.

• Surgery: When all the above-mentioned methods fail to make any difference on the condition of hip joint dislocation, then surgery is the only way to do that. Sometime THR can be the reason for hip dislocation, but then Revision THR is one of the best surgical ways to improve the condition of hip dislocation.

So, there you have it. These are some of the most important things that you need to know about Revision THR and hip joint dislocation.


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