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Primary Complex TKR – Everything You Need To Know About It

During serious conditions of arthritis when patients have a painful arthritic knee, it is then primary complex TKR is performed. TKR stands for the total knee replacement which is what gets done in the surgery. If the upper tibia or the lower femur gets healed in a deformed manner due to previous surgery or the knee is grossly unstable due to the tearing and stretching of ligaments then a normal primary knee replacement surgery is not enough for it, complex primary knee replacement is necessary in such cases.

What is Primary Complex TKR?

The diseases for which primary complex TKR is necessary are –

• Severe bone loss due to dome accident
• Extreme cases of deformity
• Post-trauma of some surgery. Many times after normal surgery the bones are healed in a deformed manner thus making it necessary to perform primary complex TKR.
• Disorganised anatomy along with fracture osteoarthritis. This is a serious condition.
• If the joint surgery took place at a young age for osteoarthritis
• Before the joint fusion surgery.

Sign and symptoms of Primary Complex TKR

All of the diseases above and deformities mentioned above are highly serious, and the common symptoms of them include –

• The misplaced or broken knee joint along with the cartilage in between them being absent. Both of these conditions together if present, needs to be brought to the attention of doctors immediately.
• Excruciating pain in the knee region.
• Deformed knee joint. In many cases, particularly in children after certain surgeries, the bone grows in a deformed manner.
• Cannot stretch the knees, cannot walk much.
• Swelling of the region due to inflammation.
These are the common symptoms when any of the above diseases happen.

Treatment of Primary Complex TKR

The disease can be treated easily with no other option but primary complex total knee replacement. In this system, the usage of more complex elements is seen thus lending the procedure with that name. Some of the commonly used components in this surgery are implants having longer stems, large plastic liners and bone grafting, replacement of the bones entirely with metallic augments, etc. all of these ensure that the length is restored and the missing bone stock gets replaced as well.

Through primary complex TKR, you can achieve similar results of that of normal TKR, but this requires more effort and is usually more complicated to perform. The results of this surgery are a good range of motion, ability to bend the knee properly, good alignment, great mobility, etc. However, in certain cases where intramedullary stems get introduced, patients can sometimes feel a mild aching sensation, and this usually disappears with time. Sometimes really large implants need to be used while doing this surgery to treat the diseases and deformities which usually means a longer incision needs to be made with a greater surgical approach and long recovery time.

But there is no other better way to treat those complex conditions. Primary complex total knee replacement is normally really effective in restoring the normal movements of the knee so that the affected patients can get up and walk again. Complex primary total knee replacement should be performed in the serious cases only where any other way out is not possible.

So if you are suffering from these conditions as well, get yourself this surgery and experience the joy of standing on your feet once again. There is nothing better than the feeling of getting back up on those legs with the complete support of your knee achieved by TKR.

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