Computer-Navigated (TKR)

Computer-Navigated (TKR)
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Dr. Yuvraj Kumar is one of the best Robotic  Joint Replacement surgeons in Faridabad & Computer Navigated Surgeon in Faridabad with a proven track record for knee surgeries. He has deep expertise in computer-navigated knee replacement and also provides training to other doctors for this procedure. You can consult this top surgeon for any type of knee replacement surgery and get great results. 

Knee replacement surgeries may be complex but they mostly have good success rates. Their success however often depends on many factors, including surgical technique, proper soft tissue balancing, and a perfect limb and component alignment. Despite the best efforts, human errors are inevitable in these surgeries like any other medical procedure.

Computer Navigated Knee Replacement


Computer-navigated knee replacement surgery though can deliver 100% accuracy by avoiding any human error. This procedure is advanced in nature and does away with manual examinations or the use of jigs and alignment guides. It also helps overcome limitations like weight issues, post-fracture deformity, and narrow bone that often negatively impact surgical accuracy with traditional methods of knee replacement.  

The use of computer-assisted knee replacement surgery is also done to achieve perfect implant balancing and alignment, and also to maximize the longevity of the implant. The surgery not only helps minimize blood loss and pulmonary embolism but also ensures a speedier rehabilitation and fast rerun to normalcy.

Causes and symptoms

A successful knee replacement is often characterized by two important aspects – soft tissue balancing and correct alignment of the component.   The older technology is effective to implant most knee replacements, though some components may face misalignment which can lead to poor function and risk of early failure.

The use of computer navigation can help correct some of the issues faced in conventional knee replacement. It combines the surgeon’s skill and knowledge with the precision & accuracy of computer technology to help achieve alignment of implants not possible with traditional technique.

This procedure is even fit for patients who are overweight, have previous implants in bone, or even those with severe deformities in leg or thing bone. The procedure helps provide real-time visual data about the accuracy of implant positioning, bone cuts, ligament balancing, and limb alignment.


To start a computer-enabled knee replacement, a Top Computer Navigated Knee Replacement surgeon in Faridabad will first place several tiny arrays on the patient’s leg and then use an infrared camera to track the movement of those arrays. A computer is used to analyze the positions and create a 3D drawing of the knee.

Further, the doctor will use the real-time graphics display to make cuts in the bone as this will help achieve proper alignment for the implant. After that, bone cement is used to secure the implant and proper alignment of the implant is also checked. After that, stitches are used to close the incision.

The Computer Navigated Knee Replacement surgeon in Faridabad, Delhi NCR will look to balance the ligaments surrounding the knees, not manually but with the help of computer navigation to get perfect results. In the end, there will be fine-tuning of errors up to 0.5 degrees to ensure 100% accuracy with a knee implant.