Revision Knee Replacement(TKR)

Revision Total Knee Replacement Surgeon in Faridabad (TKR)
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Dr. Yuvraj Kumar is a renowned Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon in Faridabad, Delhi NCR with years of industry knowledge. You can trust his knowledge and skills for the complex revision knee replacement surgery.

It’s true that knee replacement surgeries have a high success rate in most cases. That’s why people go for it to live pain-free, more active lives free of chronic knee pain. However, a knee replacement is not always safe and it may fail in some cases for a variety of reasons.

When the procedure fails, the knee can become swollen or painful, or may feel stiff or unstable, posing a lot of problems in doing everyday activities. That’s when the doctor may recommend a second surgery which is known as revision total knee replacement.


This procedure is done to remove or replace parts of the original prosthesis with new ones so that pain can be relieved and knee functionality be improved. Unlike primary surgery, revision knee replacement will be more complex, long, and full of risks, so it requires a lot of planning beforehand. 

Causes and symptoms

In most cases, knee replacements often last several decades and even longer, though there are times when they may fail even after just months or years. In fact, a small percentage of patients may need their knee replacements redone within a few years or months of the primary surgery. 

A revision knee replacement may become necessary where patients experience either loosening of the implant, infection of the joint, instability of the knee, or mal-alignment of the knee parts. Most people choose to have this procedure as they experience significant pain.

Revision surgery can be of different types, depending on the reasons for the failure of the primary procedure. While in some cases, patients may need to revise only one implant (or part) of the prosthesis, there will be situations wherein all three components (femoral, patellar, and tibial ) have to be removed.  

The procedure may also involve the rebuilding of the bone around the knee with augmenting or bone graft. Revision Knee Replacement surgeons in Faridabad will mostly use specialized implants with longer and thicket stems for procedure as bone damage prevents them from using standard total knee implants for the surgery.  


Before surgery, the anesthesia team will evaluate the patient and decide whether to administer general anesthesia, spinal, epidural or regional nerve block type. The surgery will be complex and take from 2-3 hours to complete.

The surgeon will start the procedure with an incision on the knee to remove old components and also see the knee joint by moving the kneecap and tendons to the side. The Revision Total Knee Replacement Surgeon in Faridabad, Delhi NCR will examine different parts in the knee, including soft tissues and prosthesis to check the parts that have become problematic. 

The doctor will remove the original implant and then prepare bone surfaces for revision; in some cases, the bone graft material may be used for the rebuilding of the knee.  In the end, the doctor will insert the revision implant and test the joint motion.

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